Taiyi brief introduction

Open and win-win, honest and grateful, pragmatic and innovative

Zhejiang Taiyi Fire Holdings Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is an integrated solution provider for building fire protection, and with its advantages in specialization, refinement, characterization, and innovation, has won the state-level honorary title of "Little Giant". The company is committed to providing first-class fire protection solutions for existing and future buildings and making the world safer. The company covers an area of about 3.5 hectares and has standardized workshops of more than 40,000 square meters and fire protection IoT exhibition halls of more than 2,000 square meters. In addition, professional service agencies are distributed across the country, and tens of thousands of large and medium-sized projects are completed nationwide. The company has gained a great reputation in production scale, quality assurance, and economic benefits in the industry.

As a national high-tech enterprise, the company has participated in the drafting of many national standards, including national standards GB51309-2018 "Technical standard for fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicating system" and GB17945-2010/202X "Fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicating system", as well as 21D702-8 "Subway and urban traffic tunnel emergency lighting design and installation" and 19D702-7 "Emergency lighting design and installation". Our flagship products have also obtained the "Quality Defined, Made in Zhejiang" certification and related quality excellence certifications. The "intelligent fire emergency lighting and safety evacuation device for high-risk industries" was rated as the first set in the critical fields of the Jiaxing equipment manufacturing industry. The company is a "specialized, refined, characteristic, and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province and is known as the state-level "Little Giant" advantageous in specialization, refinement, characterization, and innovation, the provincial-level high-tech enterprise research and development center, the provincial-level Taiyi intelligent fire system enterprise research institute, the provincial technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, the provincial-level credit management demonstration enterprise, the advanced digital transformation enterprise, and the advanced green transformation enterprise. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification. It is certified in integrated IT application with industrialization management system, energy management system, and intellectual property management system. The company always adheres to the philosophy of green energy management. It is also a member of the sixth sub-committee of the National Standardization Committee, AAA-level enterprise of the China Fire Protection Association, standing director unit of "The Professional Committee of Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Construction and Underground Space Utilization" of China Municipal Engineering Association, a member unit of Zhejiang Green Building and Building Industrialization Industry Association, standing director unit of Zhejiang Fire Protection Association, and vice chairman unit of Zhejiang Emergency Industry Technology Alliance.

For more than 30 years, Taiyi has always focused on the research, development and application of "intelligent integrated fire protection solutions". With years of professional accumulation, Taiyi has developed a series of products with completely independent intellectual property rights, of which more than 100 kinds of flagship products are commercially available. For example, fire emergency lighting lamps, signs, and induction lighting with centralized power supply and other products are widely used in industries, public buildings, rail transits, commercial applications, schools, hospitals, residential buildings and other fields. In addition, the company has played an important role in major national projects, including Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Hangzhou Metro Line 3, Shanghai Metro Line 14, the History Exhibition Hall of the Communist Party of China, China West Expo City, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, China Animation Museum, Baihetan Hydropower Station, and the National Snowmobile & Sleigh Center. Taiyi will continue to build a platform for people with dreams, establish true friendship and win-win cooperation with partners, create products of excellent quality, and act as the guardian of social security, through rigorous & hard work, efficient innovation, continuous improvement, and integrated knowledge and action. We are moving towards the grand vision of leading the industry and becoming the preferred integrated solution provider for customers.

Establishment time of Taiyi Fire Protection
Standardized factory building
Fire Internet of Things Exhibition Hall

Taiyi Culture

Corporate mission
Continuously creating excellent products and becoming guardians of social security
Corporate Vision
Leading the industry and becoming the preferred integrated solution provider for customers

Core values

Open and win-win
Expand openness and actively create a win-win space
Joining hands and continuously expanding industrial value
Seeking common ground while reserving differences, promoting industrial integration and development
Integrity and gratitude
Adhere to the right path: keep promises and respect facts
Gratefulness: Honesty and responsible work
Thick accumulation and thin hair: Embrace dreams and be down-to-earth
Pragmatic Innovation
Taking customers as the root and adhering to the pursuit of first-class service
Quality oriented, always pursuing excellent quality
With craftsmanship as the soul, pursuing perfection and striving for the ultimate